Herbal Spa Hawaii Massage Services

Enhance your spa day by including a massage and body scrub in your package. Give your body what it deserves with a massage that combines both Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. The Swedish massage increases circulation and soothes muscles, while the Shiatsu massage promotes deep tissue relief.

The body scrub, also called buff treatment, is a traditional Korean technique which consists of full body exfoliating techniques to remove dead skin leaving you with healthier, softer, and brighter skin.

This luxurious full-body scrub is done in the comfortably warm spa area .Cucumber facials are also available, refreshing, beautifying and made from only the freshest cucumbers every day.  Each of these services are available individually or in combination spa special package. The spa special consists of the massage, body scrub, cucumber facial, scalp massage and hair wash, and spa/sauna use for the entire day. The spa package is $120 and will take approximately 2 hours. Appointments are recommended. Walk-ins will be accommodated as time permits. Spa hours are 9am-10pm. Arrangements for other times for all services are available by appointment only. Free ample parking is available.