Herbal Spa Hawaii Spa & Sauna Services

Our beautiful spa facilities consist of a large Jacuzzi hot bath, a large cold pool bath, steam sauna, dry sauna, and jade room. The spa facility is a women-only spa. Secure lockers for your personal belongings are provided. We also provide robes, showering products, lotions, and a vanity area so you can enjoy a worry free experience at any moment in your day. Entrance fee to use only the spa facilities is only $40 per day. A frequent member card is also available to purchase. Body scrub and massage is only $120.

We recommend starting with the Jacuzzi hot bath made of Jade. This will help calm your body, stimulate blood circulation and relax your muscles. The hot bath is set at 104 degrees.

The steam sauna would be next. This helps to open up your pores and release toxins in your body. The recommended time spent in the steam sauna is 20 minutes. Next, would be the dry sauna. This is a combination sauna made of clay, jade, and charcoal that is kept heated at 210 degrees. The aromas of fresh basil and rosemary are added to enhance your experience. The natural clay or mud material allows your body to breathe by assisting in the heavy metal detoxification process. The recommended time is approximately 20 minutes.

The cold bath pool will cool you down after enjoying the steam and dry saunas. This will help bring your core body temperature down and tighten up your skin. The Jade room is the final stop. This room is also made with a natural clay and charcoal. The Jade room helps to lower the cerebral temperature and stimulate the brain. Jade is known to assist in balancing of hormones and has many healing properties. This a low heat room and can be enjoyed as a meditation room or a gathering place for you and your friends to end the day in great conversation. Visiting all of these rooms and baths will help you relax and detoxify your body giving you a refreshing start to the day.

Showering is required before entering the pools. No food or alcohol is allowed in the spa. Ice water is provided and other refreshments are available for purchase. A lounge area outside of the spa is available to consume food. The spa is cleaned daily in compliance with the Hawaii Department of Health.