Himalayan Mineral-Rich Salt Cave Sauna

Herbal Spa & Sauna is proud to announce we have expanded our spa to include the onlyHimalayan Mineral Salt Cave Sauna Himalayan Mineral-Rich Salt Cave Sauna on Oahu. For centuries, Himalayan Salt Caves were highly valued for therapeutic use in regulating blood pressure, balancing blood sugar and pH acid levels, reducing stress levels and promoting healthy patterns in intimacy and sleep.  Our unique Himalayan Salt Cave Sauna consists of 84 different minerals and salts to promote all of these benefits. Other helpful health benefits include improving your respiratory system and reducing the common signs of aging via purifying skin health.


New - Mens Spa!

We are pleased to have expanded our facilities to include Hawaii's newest and biggest Mens Spa & Sauna. Located in a completely separate building to ensure the privacy of our male and female guests, our new Mens Spa is a full service Spa, Sauna and Salon. Choose from several different massage therapies including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Lomilomi Massage and more. Or relax and enjoy the warm heat of natural lavastones in our men only sauna and spa. Visit our Honolulu Mens Spa Page to learn more and book your appointment today.

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